Considering a Coady Institute education program? Check out what others have said. Here is a collection of testimonials from graduates and partners around the world:

"At our Egyptian alumni gatherings, we use the skills and knowledge that we have learned at Coady. For us, the Coady is not just a memory, but a living experience."

Nawal Ghattas, Freelance consultant, Egypt
Diploma in Development Leadership, 2007
Good Governance & Social Accountability Tools, 2013
Partnerships & Multi-Stakeholder Relationships, 2013

"I have been using my improved advocacy skills to strengthen the integrity, recognition, and visibility of National Youth Council leaders as they advocate for youth policies while resisting political manipulation."

Patience Agwenjang, Dip '14
Programme officer, Youth Outreach Programme, Cameroon

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 “In my summer placement I focused on breaking down employment barriers in four First Nations communities in North Central Ontario. We formed partnerships with businesses, unions and other groups, and developed an innovative community-based service delivery method. I’m very proud that our project achieved a 100 percent success rate in the first three months.”

Valerie Moses, IWCL 2013

"My experience at Coady has equipped me with the tools and skills to handle my position. It was a great experience and I wish and hope to come back for another program."

Fati Koray, Dip '13
District Coordinating Director, Wa West District Assembly, Ghana

"After receiving my Coady diploma, my organization executed many projects for community development and microcredit. I became regional co-ordinator of pastoral care of nomads in Bhopal, India. Today I consult for various nomadic groups in India.”

John Bosco Rayan, Dip ‘98
Development Consultant, Tiruchchirappali area, India

“The most significant change I’ve applied to my work is the development of community empowerment programs for St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya. We’ve grown from a low-level institution with zero budget to a large, functional one with a $1,000,000 budget.”

Dr. Zablon Bundi Mutongu, Dip ‘03, Senior Lecturer & Director
Institute of Lifelong Learning and Leadership Development
St. Paul’s University, Limuru-Nairobi, Kenya

"The performance of our Facebook page for the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) has increased significantly thanks to social media skills l learned from my Coady training in 2013. I am also able to effectively monitor the page and develop and post appropriate content to ensure that the performance of the page improves daily."

Jimm Fomunjong

"One quote says, 'Sometimes it is necessary to go half-way around the world to know yourself.' And indeed it’s true. Through my travels, I have discovered more of myself and I have found more paths where I can pursue my passion in life. I also thank the Coady International Institute for giving me the opportunity to learn with the great women leaders who have shared their stories of leadership with me.

Christine Sumog-oy, Philippines, GCL ‘13

"The IWCL program at Coady is on the top of my list of "Most Impactful Programs" of my life! The confidence and knowledge I garnered from the relationships I made with staff and colleagues has manifested itself in progressive community development work with the Métis women of BC. Thank You does not even come close to expressing the gratitude I feel for this Gift."

Denise Porter, Canada (Indigenous Women in Community Leadership 2012)

"I was very much anticipating coming to the campus and learning from other women. I cannot state how much better everything was than I anticipated. I wish all of these women could come back to my community and help me build up those assets and discover all the great things that are going on in our communities. My experience at Coady with the IWCL program changed my life forever. I walked away with sisters and mentors that will be lifelong friends, teachers and role models"

Karri-Lynn Paul, Canada (Indigenous Women in Community Leadership 2011)

“As I came to Coady I had high hopes. I wanted to find myself. I wanted to take time to reflect on myself as a leader. I wanted to take this opportunity to understand  what can I do in the global space of leadership. It has been an incredible journey. I even went for a placement and really did on-the-ground job with an organization that is a business incubation. I have all this wealth of knowledge and ideas that I just want to go home and implement."

Josephine Kamanthe Ndambuki, Founder, League of Young Professionals of Kenya (Coady Global Change Leaders 2012)

"The praxis aspect of what Coady offers to a development worker is very important to us. Also in Zambia we value participatory methods of education. This is also a value of the Coady. This is important for us. We want to use methodologies that start from where the people are and to always recognize them as masters of their own destiny." 

Emily Sikazwe, Executive Director, Women for Change, Zambia (Diploma 2004)



"The learning at Coady was fascinating for me both inside and outside the classroom. The skills gained...and the commitment of your staff gave me a new commitment to my daily work with the poorest farmers in Mali who are struggling for food security."

Mamby Fofana, USC Canada Mali (Diploma 1999)


As a young organization, we have much to gain from the Coady staff and expertise. By working together we hope to harness the potential of our own dedicated staff and modem facilities., Ultimately we want to help the rural poor of Ethiopia to build a better future for themselves - a healthy, safe and economically strong future."

Tesfamariam Desallegn, Asst Director, Furra Institute of Development Studies


"At Coady, I not only learned theories, but practical skills which I use in my everyday life. I learned to listen better, think more deeply, be organized, be patient. To understand and deal better with people who need my help. I learned how to be more determined when it comes to the rights of the poor and how to be active and advocate for the sharing of wealth between the rich and the poor. Sometimes it is necessary to go half-way around the world to see yourself. A luxury few of us in the developing world have without opportunities like Coady." 

Dr. Montasser Kamal, Egypt Chief of the United Nations Health Inspections Unit and Director-General of Multilateral programs for CIDA., (Diploma 1988)


"There is no fit word to describe the experience. The studies are so interesting but are not 'normal' studying. The teaching methods are different than any I've done before. I have gained much more than knowledge. What I have learned will influence my work well into the future in very practical ways."

Sura Thamir, America's Development Foundation, Iraq (Diploma 2006)


"In my whole life of studying I have never met friendly teachers as I have met at this institution. They do their work from the heart and attend to students needs at a personal level. I was used to teachers whojust come, lecture and go, but it's not the same at Coady International Institute. The curriculum is so current and relevant to our work and there is nothing that I needed more than what is offered."

Joram Tarusarira, Program Officer, Civic Education Program, Silveira House, Zimbabwe (Diploma 2006)