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Openings – “To be a cooperative means putting our consumers first. It's not a great mystery how we got here and what the formula is for success. Unity and cooperation are the key, molded with your local identity. If we adhere to the cooperative principles, continue to fight for people and demonstrate that we are truly a consumer movement, no one will be able to challenge or match our strength.”- Glenn English, CEO, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association http://www.nreca.coop/  Openings is a weekly feature of Co-op Circles. Send your favourite quote about celebrating co-operatives, communities and a better world for all, to News1@nbnet.nb.ca

This Week in Co-op Circles

·      Nova Scotia Co-operative Council’s Annual General Meeting is being held June 14 at the Best Western Glengarry in Truro and to date,  the following people have been nominated to the board of the directors: District 1 – Alvin Martell (St Joseph Credit Union); District 2 - Marinus Van de Sande (Scotsburn Co-operative) and Irene Caswell (Community Credit Union); District 4 – Carole Wooster (Valley Credit Union) and District 5 Bridgett MacConnell (Four Corners Housing Co-operative). For more information contact (902) 896-8933 or diannefk@tru.eastlink.ca

·      The Cheticamp Co-operative Council has worked diligently during the past three years to attract a call centre to the bilingual village on the west coast of Cape Breton. Their work with Acrobat Research Ltd paid off when they recently announced a call centre would be located in the village. The market research firm received $850,000 from Nova Scotia Business Inc through a payroll rebate program and a $350,000 loan from the province’s Economic Development office to help them set up their company. It is expected to create 115 full-time jobs and to generate about $13 million in total payroll in the first six years of operation. The village of Cheticamp is well known for its wholehearted embracement of the co-operative model. Its co-op council continues to be a key driver of the community economic development engine of the area focusing on jobs, housing and trying stem the tide of out-migration. www.cheticampns.com

·      Delta serves up Atlantic Choice. Whether traveling this summer or attending a business meeting, if you are at a Delta hotel, and you order beef, it should be produced and processed here in Atlantic Canada. Atlantic Choice AAA beef is one of the offerings of Atlantic Beef Products Inc. and it is available at Delta hotels. It, along with Atlantic Tender Beef which is sold in Co-op stores throughout Atlantic Canada,  are products from the Atlantic Beef Producers Co-operative which is owned by approximately 190 beef producers in the Atlantic region. All agree to strict protocols for raising their cattle, providing a consistent quality product every time. The beef producers along with Co-op Atlantic and the governments of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, own a beef processing facility in Borden, PEI. The producers own 80 per cent of the venture. www.deltahotels.com

·      Nova Scotia credit unions were recognized, as part of World Red Cross Day, for their investment in humanity. Credit unions received the Red Cross Builder corporate award on May 8th, during a special ceremony at the Red Cross’s new facility in Dartmouth. During the past year, credit unions and their customer-owners gave generously to the Red Cross in support of international relief efforts. The following donations were made through the Nova Scotia Credit Unions Charitable Foundation http://www.ns-credit-unions.com/default.asp?mn=1.20.37 :

·      Nova Scotia credit unions’ commitment to the Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life https://secureccs.ca/eventmodule.aspx?lng=en&did=2&eid=0&pg=donation_step0  was recognized at the 2006 Maritime Philanthropy Awards.  The Canadian Cancer Society – Nova Scotia Division nominated credit unions for an award under the category of Outstanding Corporate Philanthropist. Credit unions were among three organizations nominated, with the award going to J.D. Irving Limited.  “Nova Scotia credit unions should be very proud of their employees and their involvement with the Canadian Cancer Society through the sponsorship of Relay For Life,” says Amanda Bent, Revenue Development Coordinator, Canadian Cancer Society.  “As a regional co-ordinator I have come to really depend on the credit unions and their employees to help make Relay For Life in their communities be a night to remember.” For the fourth consecutive year, Nova Scotia credit unions are proud to be the Provincial Events Sponsor for the Relay for Life in Nova Scotia.  “Being a cancer survivor and also a credit union employee, words cannot explain the feeling when you are walking the survivors' lap and all your family and co-workers are clapping and crying as you walk by - what a wonderful feeling,” says Angie Fong of iNova Credit Union www.nspostalcreditunion.com . The Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life is a 12-hour non-competitive, overnight relay event, taking place in sites across Nova Scotia in June. Money raised through Relay for Life funds important cancer research, prevention initiatives, information and support for Nova Scotians and their families living with cancer.  Last year, credit unions raised more than $74,000 in the fight against cancer, bringing their three-year total for this event to a quarter of a million dollars.

·      Credit Union Central of Nova Scotia has announced the provincial winners of an all expense paid trip to a national credit union conference. Nadia Gardin, an employee of Heritage Credit Union www.heritagecu.com , Nova Scotia and Donna Careen, an employee of Eastern Edge Credit Union www.easternedgecu.com/ , Newfoundland and Labrador were selected through an essay competition, which was part of Nova Scotia Central’s first annual Credit Union Youth Forum.  All applicants were asked to answer this question, “What seed might we plant together today that could make the most difference to the future of engaging youth in the credit union system?” The two winners were selected as the best from each province by a committee of four staff from Nova Scotia Central.  The winners will have the opportunity to attend a national conference of their choice, with expenses covered up to a maximum of $5,000.  “I wish to express my appreciation for the added value that all participants of the Youth Forum provided to our youth strategy and the future success of the credit union network,” says Youth Initiative Team Leader Mel Gosse. “The Youth Initiative Team looks forward to receiving feedback from this year’s participants to help grow the forum in future years, and make it even more successful.”   The Credit Union Youth Forum brought 36 people between the ages of 20-35, representing credit unions in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador, together to discuss how credit unions can better serve youth. Attendees participated in round table discussions and had the opportunity to sit in on parts of Credit Union Central of Nova Scotia’s Annual General Meeting. Results of their round table discussions are being compiled into a comprehensive report to be shared with the system.


Expanding Your Back Yard – This week, a look at “The Greening of Wal-Mart: What Should We Make of Big-Box Giant’s Eco Bid When It’s Crushing Local Economies All Over the Globe?” by Adria Vasil http://www.nowtoronto.com/issues/2006-05-04/news_feature.php


What is Your Vision Statement?  – This week’s Vision Statement comes from The Island Media Arts Co-Operative on Prince Edward Island. It is a member driven non-profit independent media arts organization. IMAC’s members are both new and established filmmakers and New Media Artists. IMAC provides infrastructure, equipment, training and development support to its membership and the community in which it resides.  http://www.islandmedia.pe.ca/ Send your co-operative or credit union vision statement to News1@nbnet.nb.ca

Co-op 101 Educational Links - Today we will learn about truly living co-operatively in Australia. Moora Moora is an intentional community. In 1974, a small group of idealists invested more money than they had, and bought a magnificent but sadly run-down property. Their aims were to care for the land, live cooperatively, and to be a source of education for society at large. Moora Moora  http://mooramoora.org.au/  is a co-operative residential community made up of a diverse group of adults and  children who live together in six small hamlets located on a beautiful co-operatively owned 600 acre property approximately 67 km to the east of  Melbourne, Australia. Read a delightful story of Life in Moora Moora. http://mooramoora.org.au/bobrich/mudsmith//history.html



Words and Expressions from Yesteryear  -  Try your luck at figuring out a saying from years gone by. Last week – “Don’t cut tails.”  Answer: Don’t be too particular.  This week: What is a “tuckamore”? Good luck! Send your guess to: News1@nbnet.nb.ca  


You CAN Do That the ‘Co-op’ Way  - Each week we will feature a co-operative formed to meet a particular need in communities around the world. This week, from the province of  Nova Scotia, the Community Credit Union of Cumberland Colchester Ltd. www.communitycreditunion.ns.ca  Each spring this credit union gives a $1000 bursary to one graduate from each high school in Cumberland County, Colchester County and at the Tantramar High School in Sackville NB for a total of $12,000.


Co-op Community Bulletin Board

·      May 31, 2006 – Shean Co-op Annual Meeting, Inverness, NS

·        May 31 – June 2, 2006 - “Working Together to Make a Difference”, a national community investment and corporate social responsibility (CSR) forum for credit unions, community investment organizations and co-operatives, Winnipeg, MB www.csrforum06.com

·        June 6, 2006 – Vermont Employee Ownership Conference, Burlington, Vermont. For more information, go to www.veoc.org

·        June 8, 2006 – 9th Annual Meeting, TEAMWork Co-operative Ltd, at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind auditorium, 6136 Almon St, Halifax

·        June 9-10, 2006 – Annual General Meeting and Mini-Congress, Canadian Co-operative Association, London, Ontario

·        June 12-17 – 70th Anniversary Celebrations – Victoria Farmers Co-operative, Baddeck, NS

·        June 14, 2006 – Building the High Performance Co-operative Workshop, 10 am – 12 Noon, Truro, NS. To register contact (902) 893-8966 or e-mail: nscoopcouncil@eastlink.ca

·        June 14, 2006 – 67th Annual General Meeting, Nova Scotia Co-operative Council, Truro, NS

·        June 15-17, International Symposium: The Co-operative and its Workers, Saint Mary's University, Room 415, Sobey Building, 923 Robie Street, Halifax, NS. The Symposium will explore how co-operatives manage the relationship with their workers and the interdependence between workers, consumers and primary producers.  Key questions that will also be examined:  How do co-operative values shape how co-operatives relate to their workers?  If unions and co-operatives have many shared values why do they not always have harmonious relationships?  Papers will be presented by participants from co-operative businesses, labour unions and academics.

·        June 30 – July 2, 2006 - 60th Annual Congress and General Assembly of the Conseil Canadien de la Coopération (CCC), in Chéticamp, Nova Scotia. Le Conseil Coopératif Acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse is currently helping CCC with the various preparations of the congress.

·        July 7-8, 2006 – Annual Festival of Place-Based Business, Cape Breton University

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Contest of the week - Announcing last week’s winner - Kerneil Aasland, Winnipeg MB.  Special mention goes to Catherine Ann F, Sharon G, Barbara L-W and Glenna W - all with correct answers and all very quick to respond.  Well done!! All entries have been added to the Contest Can and the lucky submission for May will be announced the first week in June. Contest entry deadline each week is Tuesday 12 noon. Send your answer to contest1@nbnet.nb.ca

Last week’s answer -What is so peculiar about this sentence?
I do not know where family doctors acquired illegibly perplexing handwriting; nevertheless, extraordinary pharmaceutical intellectuality, counterbalancing indecipherability, transcendentalizes intercommunications' incomprehensibleness.

Answer: Each word in the sentence is one letter longer than the previous word

THIS week’s contest:  Use all twenty-six letters of the English alphabet to complete the following 13 words, but use each letter only once

·      b a __ __ a i n

·      l __ __ g e r

·      d y __ __ s t y

·      __ __ g o t e

·      s a __ __ a t i o n

·      d i __ __ p a n

·      p u m __ __ i n

·      d e __ __ a y

·      b o __ __ a r

·      d i __ __ i t

·      s u n __ __ r n

·      b l __ __ u e

·      l i __ __ o f f


It’s Easy to Cook -We would like to include your recipes made with Co-op brand products like Co-op Gold, Market Town and Harmonie. Tell us a bit about why your recipe is a favourite. Those who contribute recipes will be eligible to win a cookbook. By mid-May fresh rhubarb is available in gardens and farmers’ markets. Again this week we feature fresh rhubarb. Try this easy recipe. It was sent in by a Nova Scotia reader who says it came from a bed and breakfast owner in Pugwash many years ago. 

Rhubarb and Raisin Conserve

6 cups of fresh rhubarb, cut fine

¾ cup golden raisins

2 oranges (seeds removed) cut very fine including the skins

4 oz of crystallized ginger

8 cups of sugar

Boil 20 minutes. Cool and bottle. (use sealers or keep in the refrigerator) Excellent on toast or tea biscuits. During June, we will feature recipes with strawberries or salmon, both pleasures of the palate at this time of the year.  If you have a recipe for either, please send it to: cooking1@nbnet.nb.ca


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