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Openings"To love and to be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.” - David Viscott http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Viscott   For Maureen MacLean, who helps co-edit Co-op Circles, and who married Keith Anderson on Saturday, June 14 in Moncton, N.B. Best Wishes!! Openings is a weekly feature of Co-op Circles. Send your favourite quote about celebrating co-operatives, communities and a better world for all, to News1@nbnet.nb.ca

This Week in Co-op Circles

·      A grade two class in Croft elementary school in Miramichi, N.B. is helping the New Brunswick Teachers Association Credit Union celebrate its 35th anniversary. Croft elementary school was where the first meeting to discuss a credit union for teachers was held.  Students in this year’s grade two class made a collage for NBTA Credit Union to hang in its office and in return the credit union is throwing the students a pizza party.  Also, as the credit union continues celebrating their 35th year, it is giving out 10 $350.00 cash prizes at the credit union’s Annual General Meeting on November 16, 2006. Ballots are being sent out in the quarterly statements (end of June) and they are available at the credit union, as well.  Staff hid 15 number 35’s in the NBTA News as a contest and the next contest is a quiz about New Brunswick which will be available at the end of June.  NBTA Credit Union has 11 full-time staff and one summer student. Judy Jewett is the General Manager and Jackie Jardine is the Assistant Manager. Alberta McNutt is the Board President. The credit union’s Web site address is www.nbtacu.nb.ca

·      The Credit Unions of Prince Edward Island brought Sue Thomas, subject of the Sue Thomas F.B. Eye television drama, to Charlottetown for the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association conference in early June. Sue Thomas greeted the public during her book signing, prior to giving a moving public presentation on her life challenges and how she turned them into opportunities. At the age of 18 months, Sue Thomas was watching TV when, all of a sudden, the sound went off. She was diagnosed with an instant and total loss of hearing, with no explanation why. PEI Credit Unions were pleased to welcome  Sue Thomas to Prince Edward Island. For more on her visit, go to:  http://www.peicreditunions.com/news/article.php?ID=424

·      Co-op stores in the Maritime Provinces have been raising funds for the IWK Health Centre for the past 18 years. During this year’s telethon held on June 4 and 5, Co-op stores donated $57,850 to the Health Centre and in their 18 year history with the IWK Telethon, approximately $1,418,569.  Co-op stores in Newfoundland and Labrador have been raising funds for the Janeway Children’s Hospital for the past 18 years. During this year’s telethon they donated $16,842 to Janeway and in their 18 year history we have donated approximately $830,000. Co-op stores in the Magdalen Islands have been raising funds for the Enfant Soleil group of hospitals for the past 12 years. Co-op stores raise funds through the following activities - selling Miracle Balloons, casual day Fridays, BBQs, and car washes. This year their advertised, "May is Miracle Month” campaign was a huge success. More Miracle Balloons were sold than in previous years. http://www.coopatlantic.ca/htm.aspx?id=212

·      The 30th Annual Festival of Community Economics Conference is taking place on July 7 & 8, 2006 at Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia. Guest speakers include Dr. Inazio Irizar, Mondragon (Spain) and Dianne Kelderman, President of the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council. Workshops will cover the following topics: tourism development, community economic development investment funds (CEDIFs), Mondragon as an economic model, regional development cooperatives and
the social economy. Fees are $300 for government and university sponsored, $30 for students and the general public, and $5 for seniors. Visit www.ced.ca


Expanding Your Back Yard – This week, who will survive in today’s food retailing world?  An article by contributors from the Demeter Group: In Food Retailing, Difference is Destiny http://www.demetergroup.net/insight_2.html


What is Your Vision Statement?  – This week’s vision statement comes from Eco-Care Professional Housecleaning http://www.wagescooperatives.org/eco-care.html, a women’s co-operative working to protect the environment. The co-op’s vision statement: To provide the highest quality of cleaning service; to preserve the environment; to protect the health of our customers and ourselves; to educate our community about the benefits of environmentally safe cleaning”

 Send your co-operative or credit union vision statement to News1@nbnet.nb.ca

Co-op 101 Educational Links - This summer as you travel around the Maritimes or the eastern United States, be sure to seek out the top quality crafts marketed co-operatively.  This week we present a 40-year success story on marketing crafts co-operatively, Waldo County Craft Cooperative in Searsport, Maine http://www.waldocountymaine.com/craft-co-op.html and  http://www.mainebridges.com/WaldoCCC.html

Established in 1964, Waldo County Craft Co-op is one of the oldest craft cooperatives in Maine. Many different craftsmen exhibit here to offer that unique, handmade item. The co-op features jewellery, quilts, primitives, dried flowers, baskets, art, kitchen accessories, painting, dolls, pillows, music, candles, gourds, photography and doll clothes

For more info 307 East Main Street (Route 1) Searsport 207 548 6686 email-waldocountycc@adelphia.net



You CAN Do That the ‘Co-op’ Way  - Each week, we will feature a co-operative formed to meet a particular need in communities around the world. This week, from the state of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Woodlands Cooperative.  It is a forest landowner management, processing and marketing cooperative organized by and on behalf of forest landowners in western Massachusetts. The mission of the Cooperative is to maintain the environment and character of western Massachusetts through the protection, enhancement and careful economic development of one of the region's most plentifulresources, the forest. The work of the cooperative is based on specific values, guided by clear principles, and directed toward business goals identified and supported by its membership. http://www.masswoodlands.coop


Co-op Community Bulletin Board

·        June 30 – July 2, 2006 - 60th Annual Congress and General Assembly of the Conseil Canadien de la Coopération (CCC), in Chéticamp, Nova Scotia. Le Conseil Coopératif Acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse is currently helping CCC with the various preparations of the congress.

·        July 7-8, 2006 – 30th Annual Festival of Community Economics Conference, Cape Breton University If you wish to attend, please contact Greg MacLeod at gregmacleod@ns.sympatico.ca or via phone at (902) 567-0000.

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Contest of the week - -Announcing last week’s winner: Leslie Burrows, Colchester Co-op, NS.  All entries in June will be added to the Contest Can and the lucky submission for June will be announced the first week in July. Last week’s answer:

How is it possible to make 8 eights total up to one thousand? 8+8+8+88+888=1000

This week’s contest: What are the next two letters in the following series and why?  W A T N T L I T F S _ _   Contest entry deadline each week is Tuesday, 12 noon. Send your answer to contest1@nbnet.nb.ca


It’s Easy to Cook -We would like to include your recipes made with Co-op brand products like Co-op Gold, Market Town and Harmonie. Tell us a bit about why your recipe is a favourite. Those who contribute recipes will be eligible to win a cookbook.

Strawberry-Cran Cooler
A refreshing and thirst-quenching drink for everyone.

2½ cups fresh or frozen sliced strawberries, reserving 4 slices or whole berries for glass decoration

2 cups chilled cranberry juice drink

4 T. honey

½ cup ice

½ cup ginger ale

Combine strawberries, cranberry juice, and honey in blender and run on high speed to puree strawberries. Once berries are smooth, and while blender is running, add ice and allow to blend until smooth. Remove from blender base; add ginger ale. Stir briefly, pour into chilled glasses and decorate with a whole strawberry or slice on the rim of the glass. Serve immediately and enjoy. During June, we will feature recipes with strawberries or salmon, both pleasures of the palate at this time of the year.  If you have a recipe for either, please send it to: cooking1@nbnet.nb.ca


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