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Openings - "I always make the business case for sustainability. It's so compelling. Our costs are down, not up. Our products are the best they have ever been. Our people are motivated by a shared higher purpose - esprit de corps to die for. And the goodwill in the marketplace -- it's just been astonishing." - Ray Anderson www.interfaceinc.com/who/founder.html Openings is a weekly feature of Co-op Circles. Send your favourite quote about celebrating co-operatives, communities and a better world for all, to News1@nbnet.nb.ca


This Week in Co-op Circles


·    East Coast Credit Union held its annual meeting on Saturday, April 29th.
http://www.eastcoastcreditu.ca/ It has experienced very favourable growth since the amalgamation of East Coast in January 2003. Total assets have increased by $40 million dollars to $143 million. With its head office in Baddeck, NS, East Coast has in excess of 100 employees.


·    David Daughton is the new Atlantic co-ordinator for The Canadian CED Network. http://www.ccednet-rcdec.ca/  He has more than 30 years of co-operative and community development experience. His primary focus is to create a culture of sustainable opportunity for youth within both the Atlantic region and the co-operative sector. Daughton is familiar to co-operators throughout Atlantic Canada through his association with the former Regional Co-operative Development Centre and MYDAS Worker Co-op. He can be contacted at ddaughton@ccednet-rcdec.ca


·    Archie Alexander Rankin, Inverness, Cape Breton Island, died in late April. He was 89. He was a pioneer in the co-op movement and devoted to his community. In 1998, Rankin was inducted into St. Francis Xavier University's Hall of Thought in recognition of his contribution to his community. He was born on January 12th, 1918 in South Highlands, Inverness County and went to school at Sight Point. In 1933 he wrote his provincial exams in Inverness and then went on to St.F.X. where he received a B.A. with honours. He went off to work in the mines of Ontario, but soon returned to farm in the South Highlands. Involved in the co-op movement, he took Co-op store management positions in Margaree Forks, Mabou and finally at Inverness where he served as manager for 23 years, from 1960 to 1983. For many years he was a member of the board of directors of Co-op Atlantic. Many of the people he worked with and built Shean Co-op with attended his wake and funeral. He also served on the board of Mabou Credit Union.
Besides his co-op support, he served as a municipal councillor for the County of Inverness, two terms on the Inverness County School Board, school trustee, and a proud member of the Inverness County Gaelic Chorus. He loved the Gaelic culture. Rankin is survived by six daughters and six sons and was predeceased by his loving wife Mary and daughter Maureen.


What is Your Vision Statement?  -This week, a vision statement from Wright-Patt Credit Union www.wright-pattcu.coop/ in Ohio. It "will be the best financial institution our member-owners have ever experienced and the best place our partner-employees have ever worked."  Send your co-operative or credit union vision statement to   News1@nbnet.nb.ca



Co-op 101 Educational Links - My computer's home page is set to our co-op: Rising Tide Co-operative Ltd.  http://www.risingtidecoop.com/  Here is another Rising Tide:
Rising Tide is a grassroots network of groups and individuals who take direct action to confront the root causes of climate change and promote local, community-based solutions to the climate crisis. http://risingtidenorthamerica.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2007/02/rising-tide.pdf 

Rising Tide was formed in the Netherlands in 2000 to bring a more radical voice to the COP6 (UN Conference of the Parties) climate talks that attempted (unsuccessfully, largely due to the efforts of the US delegation) to salvage what was left of the Kyoto Protocol. Employing popular education and direct action to address the root causes of climate change with a focus on climate justice, Rising Tide now spans three continents Although not exactly a formal co-operative it is a world wide network of groups working on climate change Here are three Rising Tide Web sites from North America, the United Kingdom and Australia,





Young Co-operators: The Buds on the Co-op Tree with Erin Hancock - A group of New Brunswick co-operators are working to get the New Brunswick Co-operative Council up and running. They are currently seeking a summer student to help in the preliminary set-up tasks of the council. The position will run for approximately 12 weeks (beginning in early June and ending in late August). The intern will be granted a stipend at the end of the work period (above minimum wage pay). Ideally, the student would have his or her
own workspace (at home) and be located in the Fredericton area. Tasks: In daily contact with their supervisor, the intern will undertake the following projects:


·    Create communication strategy for the council (how do we effectively communicate with all 200+ NB co-ops/credit unions?)

·    Conduct necessary research and create a database of all NB co-ops/credit unions with full contact information

·    Help develop the public relations material (help clean up language of mission statement and vision, written pieces about the council for the Web site)

·    Create pamphlets and materials to distribute to potential members

·    Manage council email

·    Take minutes at meetings and distribute

·    Complete brief report at end of internship

·    Possibly aid with fund raising and event planning tasks

·    Other tasks requested by Board of Directors

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume and cover letter to Erin Hancock at erin.hancock@unb.ca  by Monday, May 28th.



You CAN Do That the 'Co-op' Way - Each week, we feature a co-operative or collective formed to meet a particular need in communities around the world. This week, we visit Whole Farm Co-operative. It represents 30 member families in Central Minnesota. It is committed to creating farms that nourish members' families spiritually and economically, sustain the environment, and with providing eaters not only with safe wholesome food but with a clear sense of who and where their food came from. http://www.wholefarmcoop.com/


Co-op Community Bulletin Board


·    May 28 - 29: Co-operative Corporate Governance Conference, Ottawa, ON. The  http://www.coopscanada.coop/ Canadian Co-operative Association, in partnership with  http://www.cooperators.ca/ The Co-operators is lining  up another strong roster of noted experts, practitioners and professionals working within the corporate governance and co-operative sectors. Building upon the success of previous conferences, this year's event will be reviewing current trends and developments in corporate governance and relate it to co-operatives and credit unions. Aimed at corporate secretaries, governance professionals and staff working in the corporate secretary's office, the conference will be addressing the themes of development and training; maintaining the integrity and identify of the co-op model; making evaluations effective; and directors liability. The conference also provides the opportunity through facilitated discussion for participants to share experience and best practices amongst their peer group. For further details, contact Quintin.Fox@coopsCanada.coop

·    May 28-June 1: Three organizations will come together for the first time in a joint conference. The International Co-operative Alliance Committee on http://www.ica.coop/  Co-operative Research (ICA), the Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation (CASC) http://www.coopresearch.coop/ , and the Association for Cooperative Educators (ACE) http://www.uwcc.wisc.edu/ace/ace.html  will together host one unified conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This event will combine the approaches and audiences of the respective organizations and will be held in conjunction with the   http://www.fedcan.ca/congress2007/ 2007 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.
http://usaskstudies.coop/socialeconomy/Congress2007 Please note that the deadline for submitting proposals for presentations at the Co-operative Innovation: Influencing the Social Economy conference in Saskatoon in May 2007 is rapidly approaching. The deadline is February 1st. http://www.usaskstudies.coop/socialeconomy/Congress2007

·    June 7: The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council Annual General Meeting at the Best Western Glengarry Hotel in Truro, Nova Scotia, beginning at 4:00 PM. Guest speaker: Justin Trudeau

·    June 22, 23 and 24: 61e Congrès annuel du Conseil Canadien de la Coopération à Québec, Québec City, Québec

·    June 26 - 29: Co-operative Development: Harness the Hidden Potential, National Congress and Canadian Co-operative Association and Newfoundland-Labrador Federation of Co-operatives AGMs, St. John's, NL. Through a range of interactive and participative keynote presentations, plenary discussions and workshops, the Congress sessions will explore what co-operative development means and how the system can look to build a lasting legacy for the communities it serves. As part of the broader discussions over the three days, sessions will include dialogue and learning exchanges focusing on leadership and movement-building strategies from a global, national and local  perspective. For more information, go to www.CoopsCanada.coop/Congress2007

·    July 20-22:  Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy: Building Cooperation East and South, University of North Carolina, Asheville, NC


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Contest of the Week - Congratulations to Dorothy McPhee, Moncton, NB, who correctly solved our 15 well-known six letter words contest. Contest entry deadline each week is Tuesday, 12 noon.  Send your answer to contest1@nbnet.nb.ca.  All entries will be placed in the "Contest Can" for the month end draw.

Last week's contest and answer: Below you will find 15 well-known six letter words, with only their endings remaining. Can you determine the words?
___rnt;  ___few; ___ ryo; ___ yme; ___ rak; ___urd; ___ynx; ___mpi; ___hom;
 ___ovy; ___lpt; ___hma; ___voy; ___web; ___mur

Answers: Learnt, curfew, embryo, enzyme, anorak, absurd, larynx, scampi, fathom, groovy, sculpt, asthma (Dorothy suggested "brahma" and that works, too), convoy, cobweb, murmur. This week's contest: In the following line, cross out nine letters such that the remaining letters spell a well known animal.  - ENILNEEPLETHTAENRST


Today I Learned Something New: International Development Through the Eyes of Students - During the year, as part of my work with the Canadian Co-operative Association, I visit schools and talk about co-operatives and communities in developing countries. I always appreciate the insights of the students, shared through comment sheets.  From Taylor, Grade 8, PEI: "I thought it was really interesting to learn about the schools and I really liked it when she showed us how to wear all those clothes. I was surprised to hear how poor a lot of the people are. I thought a lot about the people after the big tsunami."


It's Easy to Cook - May will feature Chicken recipes. If you are watching calories and fats, here are some helpful tips:

·    Try using low-sodium ingredients and salt substitutions to eliminate sodium without sacrificing flavor.

·    Use chicken as a substitute in favorite recipes to lower fat and calories. For example, use chicken patties instead of regular ground beef or pork.

·    Boil, roast, bake, grill or poach chicken.

·    Sauté chicken in a small amount of chicken broth.

·    Use non-stick cooking sprays or olive oil for pan frying.

·    For more flavour and less fat, cook the chicken with the skin on to keep moisture in. Then remove the skin after cooking to reduce fat.

·    White meat is lower in fat and calories than dart mean, but dark meat supplies more iron - a crucial nutrient, especially for women.

Southwest Chicken Salad
2 boneless chicken breast halves, cooked and cubed, 3/4 cup mayonnaise, ¼ cup chopped celery, chopped fresh cilantro to taste 1 (1 ounce), package taco seasoning mix
In a medium bowl, combine the chicken, mayonnaise, celery, cilantro and seasoning mix. Mix well. Cover bowl and refrigerate for 1 hour.


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·    I truly appreciated the opening quote by Joyce Maynard.  I have posted it to my refrigerator with my other essential reminders. Have a good day. :-) K.T., Saskatchewan



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