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This Week in Co-op Circles

·     This week (Week 52) is Anniversary Week for Co-op Circles. Our first issue was sent out to about 70 friends and associates during Co-op Week 2005. We decided to write and publish Circles because we felt there was a place for a weekly e-newsletter sharing co-op and credit union related news and information. It is part of our commitment to the co-operative principles.  As we have grown, we have been joined by our weekly contributors: Glenna Weagle, Ron Levesque, Bronwyn MacKinnon, Erin Hancock, and Todd MacLean. We look forward to continued growth and we love hearing from you and in some cases, meeting you, at various co-op and credit union events. Happy Co-op Week! – Brenda and Maureen

·     OMISTA Credit Union is a proud supporter of the thINK FOOD program throughout Greater Moncton. http://www.omista.com/thINK-FOOD.aspx  thINK FOOD is a project to alleviate hunger and divert waste from landfill sites by raising funds for local food banks. The funds are raised through the process of recycling used printer cartridges and cell phones. When a collection box is full, it is sent to a central location where the cartridges and phones are sorted and sold to the remanufacturing industry. This industry turns them into refurbished products for consumers.  Through this process, thINK FOOD is able to generate funds for alleviating hunger, and operate at no cost to food banks. This allows food banks to spend all related funds on their greatest necessities. At every OMISTA branch you can drop off your used cell phones and ink cartridges and join them s in the fight against hunger for the people in our community

·     Baggin' It for the Food Banks is an annual fundraising event put on in co-operation among C103, XL96, and the four area Credit Unions (Advance Savings, OMISTA, PSE, & Rexton Credit Union) in Moncton and Rexton, NB. Staff volunteers will be baggin' groceries at local co-op stores in Moncton, Petitcodiac, and Rexton for a donation, with all money raised going to benefit the local area food banks. It is on this Saturday, October 20th from 9 am - 3 pm. An on air Auction on C103 and XL96 will take place on Credit Union Day, Thursday, October 12th. Listeners are encouraged to make a bid on $640 worth of Co-op Gift Certificates and support their local food bank! Radio ads will be playing on both C103 and Xl96 until the day of the event. Funds are badly needed to sustain operating costs and feed members of our community. http://www.omista.com/news_detail.aspx?news_id=50

·     During this past summer, Terry McRorie was appointed to the position of Regional Vice-President of the West for The Co-operators. He began his career with The Co-operators in 1973. Terry had been the Regional Vice-President for the Atlantic for the past nine years. His previous experience includes nine years as a claims manager in London, six years as a District Manager in Red Deer and Saskatoon. He has held a variety of head office roles ranging from Underwriting to Systems Development. Terry says “I am exceptionally proud of the Atlantic Region and what our team has been able to accomplish in some very turbulent times. I am going to miss working directly with all of you but hope to keep in touch from a distance. I am also looking forward to my return to the West, seeing some familiar faces and embarking on this new and exciting challenge.”

·     Prince Edward Island’s new cricket co-operative played its first inter-provincial game on Sunday, September 30. Incorporated as a co-op earlier this year, the ethnically-diverse team played in Halifax against a team comprised of Nova Scotia’s best players. Currently the team is in talks with the Town of Stratford with a view for creating a permanent cricket ground on PEI. Co-op members will also be presenting at an education meeting on November 9, as a number of Island teachers are now expressing interest in offering cricket as a new sport option in PEI schools. For more information on PEI’s cricket co-operative, contact Serath Chandrasekere at (902) 471-9254. – Todd MacLean


Trends – A couple of weeks ago while perusing a trend watching site, I came across an item titled ‘Socks with a story’. It went on to detail how the Swiss Netgranny “is a collective of 15 grannies who knit socks on demand and sell them online.”  “Well,” I say to myself, “that’s kind of cool”. It fits in with a relatively new trend of creating clothing with a story (‘provenance’ clothing, they call it). Digging further, and making assumptions about my abilities to translate from Swiss, I discovered that Netgranny (see them here: http://www.netgranny.ch) is a product of a Swiss fashion label. Not so cool, because now I wonder if the ‘grannies’ are even ‘real’ after all... But the provenance trend is real – consumers are becoming more and more ‘informed’ consumers (in my mind, that makes them less defined as consumers, but that’s for another day) and they want to know where their products come from. Perhaps more importantly, they want to know what makes that product interesting. Twenty years ago when I was starting out in the publishing industry (not as a publisher, but a reporter), a Grand Falls businesswoman was growing Christmas trees for the New England market, much the same as many other Maritime Canadians. What set her trees apart was that she was also a watercolour painter, and each year, each of her ‘Brenda Trees’ would reach the market accompanied with a Christmas card designed from one of her paintings and containing a personal message for the purchasing family. Ron Levesque


Circle of Life - Trick-or-Treat-for-Unicef: We have all carried the boxes at Halloween or have made a donation when kids came to our door trick-or-treating.  Well, now UNICEF has changed their fundraising approach.  They now accept on-line donations for their campaign and provide other ideas for fundraising at Halloween.  Check out the following link for more information, to donate and to Tell-a-Friend that things have changed.   http://www.trickortreatforunicef.ca/donate-online.html Guided by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF believes that the survival, protection and development of children must be a global priority, and that every child has the right to health, education, equality and protection.  UNICEF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, foundations, businesses and governments. – Bronwyn MacKinnon


Co-op Ed 101 - Happy Co-op Week everyone! Don’t forget to drop us a note at news1@nbnet.nb.ca and tell us what your co-op did this week to celebrate our uniqueness. And this week being Co-op Week, I thought it appropriate to remind people that we have a national Co-operative representing us. The Canadian Co-operative Association (http://www.coopscanada.coop/ ) is a not-for-profit co-operative owned by its members. Members come from many sectors of the economy, including finance, insurance, agri-food and supply, wholesale and retail, housing, health, and the service sector. The majority are ‘second tier’ co-operatives (those that are organized at the regional or provincial level such as credit union centrals or federations, which provide services to ‘first tier’ co-ops such as local credit unions or retail outlets). CCA also has primary or first tier members, as well as ‘third tier’ members representing co-ops from specific sectors of the economy. CCA provides leadership to promote, develop, and unite co-operatives and credit unions for the benefit of people in Canada and around the world. - Maureen MacLean


Young Co-operators: The Buds on the Co-op Tree - Chris Mears is currently part of the energetic force getting the Prince Edward Island Co-operative Council up and running. Chris is the president of PEI’s oldest housing co-op, Princeley Housing Co-op, where he is developing strategies to “attract a new generation of folks to participate in housing co-ops in PEI”. Chris has been involved in the PEI Co-op Council since the first meeting back in March (2007). As a founding member, Chris appreciates the collective approach and believes strongly in the value of the PEI Co-op Council to support PEI co-ops. If you have any suggestions for Chris regarding the PEI Co-op Council or promoting housing co-ops, you may contact him at orangegarage@yahoo.comErin Hancock


Today I Learned Something New: International Development Through the Eyes of Students - During the year, as part of my work with the Canadian Co-operative Association, I visit schools and talk about co-operatives and communities in developing countries. I always appreciate the insights of the students, shared through comment sheets.  From Joel, Fredericton, NB: “I thought that it was a great presentation and I learned how far you can go by just helping people and being part of an organization.

I learned that the Philippines are a group of a lot of small islands. I thought it was like Australia.”


Co-op Community Bulletin Board

·     November 3 – Special Membership Meetings for Co-op Atlantic and Consumers Community Co-operative, Moncton, NB

·     November 16 - The Prince Edward Island Co-operative Council’s (PEICC) inaugural Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 16, from 3 to 5 p.m., at the Delta Prince Edward in Charlottetown. For more information, or to nominate a Board member, please email peicoopcouncil@gmail.com. All PEI co-op and credit union members are welcome to attend.

·      November 22-24 CWCF’s AGM/Conference “Community Sustainaibility & Worker Co-ops”, Ancaster, Ontario. The basic info on the conference is available at:

Remember to send news items and bulletin board items to News1@nbnet.nb.ca


Contest of the week – Last week our winner was Glenna Weagle, NS. Well done!!  The contest entry deadline each week is Tuesday, 12 noon. Send your answer to contest1@nbnet.nb.ca.  All entries will be placed in the “Contest Can” for the month end draw. Last week’s contest: James ordered a fishing rod, priced at $3.56. Unfortunately, James is an Eskimo who lives in a very remote part of Greenland and the import rules there forbid any package longer than 4 feet to be imported. The fishing rod was 4 feet and 1 inch, just a little too long, so how can the fishing rod be mailed to James without breaking the rules? Ideally, James would like the fishing rod to arrive in one piece!

Answer:  One solution is to use a box which measures 4 feet on all sides, the fishing rod will fit within the diagonal of the box with room to spare. This week’s contest:  During Co-op Week a contest was held with 10 Co-op relay teams. It was a fine fall day, sunny and 16 degrees. The first place prize for each runner was a $100 gift certificate to be used at their Co-op Store. Some of the teams felt they had an advantage because they had a larger staff. Four teams did well to finish ahead of the opposition. Market Town was not last and the team wearing blue was not third. Country Morning was before the team in green. Co-op Gold came first. Country Morning finished before Market Town. Harmonie wore red but Country Morning did not wear yellow. Can you determine where each team finished and the colours they wore?


Co-op Cooking – Everyone is striving to eat healthier these days and fish is a big part of a healthy diet. Here’s a great tasting salmon dish which has built in options to change the flavour, or even the fish. This dish goes well with a serving of basmati rice. 
Herb-Crusted Salmon
 3 slices white or whole grain bread
1 cup coarsely chopped coriander or parsley
1/2 cup grated mozzarella or cheddar cheese
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp olive oil
2 peppers, preferably different colours
generous pinches of salt and pepper
4 6-oz salmon (or halibut) fillets
1 tbsp honey mustard
 Preheat oven to 400F. Trim crusts from bread and place on baking sheets. Toast in center of oven until lightly golden (3 min. per side), or lightly toast in a toaster. Tear into large pieces and place in food processor. Pulse until coarse crumbs form. Add herb, cheese, salt and 1 tsp oil. Pulse just until mixed. Cut peppers into strips. Place in medium bowl. Drizzle with remaining 1 tsp oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Toss to mix.
Spray baking sheet with cooking oil. Place fish, skin side down, on sheet. Smear tops with mustard and top with bread-crumb mixture, gently pressing so it sticks. Scatter peppers around fish. Roast in center of oven until knife tip inserted into center of fish comes out warm (15 to 18 mins) Serve with basmati rice, (it cooks faster than regular rice), and enjoy. -  Glenna Weagle


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·     Hi Everyone, I thoroughly enjoy/agonize over the puzzles, and sometimes surprise myself with coming up with correct answers. Now last week’s contest (Week 50) I feel was a groaner.  In this day and age, when poor spelling is more normal than irregular, it is disappointing to know that non-capitalization of a given name is now considered correct.  LOL Keep them coming!JM, NS


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