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Openings – "The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." - William Arthur Ward  williamarthurward.com/   Openings is a weekly feature of Co-op Circles. Send your favourite quote about celebrating co-operatives, communities and a better world for all, to News1@nbnet.nb.ca


This Week in Co-op Circles

§      The Ecology Action Centre (EAC) and the Halifax Farmers Market got together last night to provide EAC members with more information about the proposed Seaport Farmers Market in Halifax, NS. The Seaport Market presentation included a description and overview of the building design, features and daily operation of the new Seaport Market as well as information about community investment opportunities in the Farmers’ Market Investment Cooperative CEDIF. For more information please contact Fred Kilcup at fkilcup@eastlink.ca, or go to www.halifaxfarmersmarket.com

§      Thinking about what to do for March Break? From March 8 to 16, the JustUs! Development and Education Society is inviting people to experience the beauty of the Oaxaca region of Mexico, explore the history of the Zapotec people, and learn about coffee production with Fair Trade farmers in Chayotepec! Join this small-group, guided tour to learn about the culture, community and ecology of indigenous coffee-growing families in Oaxaca. Learn about the ancient Zapotec culture (predating Mayan and Aztec cultures) and how they have protected their forests for thousands of years. Try your hand at harvesting coffee and making tortillas when we stay with the Zapotecs in Chayotepec – a Fair Trade, organic coffee community. Hear the stories and music of this rich cultural area and experience the delights of the local food. To book, please email info@judesfairtrade.ca or phone 902-877-0263. Space is limited. Web: www.judesfairtrade.ca

§      Colchester Co-op members recently received a letter encouraging them to support their store or they would be in danger of losing it. General manager Peter Steele says that early results show that people are taking the letter seriously. The store has been in the Truro area for 58 years and has more than 5,000 members. It is in a very competitive marketplace, as are many co-op stores in Atlantic Canada.

§      If you have: more than 10 years of credit union management experience and  you have worked in credit unions or financial management in the Caribbean within the last 10 years, and you are interested in short term assignments, the following may interest you: Over the next few months, the Canadian Co-operative Association may be seeking experts skilled in management, governance and operations of credit unions to perform short term assignments in the Caribbean.  Focus will be on credit unions as well as national credit union association (Central).  Assignments may range from 3 weeks to several months.   Qualified candidates should apply by February 29, 2008 to: Kethline Garoute, Program Officer, Americas Region, Kethline.Garoute@coopsCanada.coop or go to www.coopsCanada.coop

§      The "Own Your Media" Tour: March 2008: During the month of March, members of the Dominion Newspaper Cooperative's editorial staff will visit communities from coast to coast to speak about the importance of independent media. They will be meeting with supporters and readers to discuss The Dominion’s five year plan, including the sustained financial support needed to do this work better and more often. All sustainers and subscribers are part owners of The Dominion, a media co-operative dedicated to providing hard news coverage of the stories rarely reported by the mainstream media. For more information: http://www.dominionpaper.ca

§      The Co-op and Credit Union Masters Program at St Mary’s University in Halifax, NS, has a new DOTcoop domain. You can visit it at: *www.mmccu.coop* and the Centre of Excellence in Accounting and Reporting for Co-ops at *www.coopaccounting.coop* You can keep current with program changes and new MMCCU Information.  The new sites will tell you whenever we make a change or post new information but only if you ask it.  Look for the flashing *"Monitor page for changes"* If you would like to be notified of new website information please insert your email address. *Dot Coop domains can be purchased at  http://www.nic.coop/buyadomain.asp


TrendsMost times, a trend is the product of market conditions – the right product at the right time in the right place. Other times, it is ‘forced’ and seldom produces the results that are hoped for. That is what has been happening to internet search these past few weeks. If you have been on the internet a fair bit, chances are that if you used a search engine, it was the Google search engine. Visit any of the Google dot domains, enter your search terms and you are off to the races. While Google, at 58 per cent, is the leader in search engine market share, they are by no means the only ones. Yahoo (about 23 per cent), and more recently Microsoft Search (at about 10 per cent) occupy second and third place. (Figures are December 2007 comScore). I mention Microsoft because a couple of weeks ago, they ‘offered’ to purchase Yahoo for something like $42 billion dollars (I am not kidding). The Yahoo board politely declined the offer saying it was not enough. And in true Microsoft fashion, the suitors advised they ‘reserved the right’ to seek a hostile takeover. So what is at stake here? Here is one snapshot. Google last fiscal year reported advertising revenues of $16.4 billion, $10.6 billion of which were from Google web sites alone (not their network site like gmail.com.) That’s right, the two or three ads that appear on the right side of each Google search result page generate over $10 billion annually in revenue and that is what Microsoft is after. Never mind that hardly anyone outside Microsoft thinks the acquisition is a good idea, and never mind that its own search innovations have failed miserably, Microsoft is focusing on the potential revenue to justify its action. It will almost certainly fail because the market has already made up its mind. - Ron Levesque


Circle of Life - Young Cooperatives:  This is an organization in the UK that educates youth on running fair trade cooperative businesses.  The youth learn business skills, the principle of cooperation and about the fair trade movement.  For more information on this unique program, visit: http://www.youngcooperatives.org.uk/index.php  Bronwyn MacKinnon


Young Co-operators: The Buds on the Co-op Tree - Concentra Financial offers the Dennis Lyster Leadership Bursary each year to support leadership development for students in relation to co-operatives and co-op research. Kama Soles was selected as the 2007 winner. She is pursuing a Master’s program in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Saskatchewan, through the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives. She led the creation of the Saskatoon Independent Living Co-operative (SILC), a housing co-op for people with disabilities. For more information regarding this scholarship, visit www.concentrafinancial.ca  – Erin Hancock


Today I Learned Something New: International Development Through the Eyes of Students - During the year, as part of my work with the Canadian Co-operative Association, I visit schools and talk about co-operatives and communities in developing countries. I always appreciate the insights of the students, shared through comment sheets. From Amy, NS: “In Uganda the houses in the rural communities  have no bathrooms or water and they cook outside.”




Co-op Community Bulletin Board

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·     Feb 26-28 – Advanced Co-op Developer training, Moncton, NB -  A detailed outline is posted at http://www.coopzone.coop/en/node/2070

·     March 14-16 - The 1st Annual General Meeting of the New University Cooperative near Toronto, Ontario. At this AGM the Cooperative will be bringing together individuals from across Canada to discuss the current state of universities in Canada, elect a board and decide on future directions. More information at: http://www.newuniversity.ca

·     April 26 – Co-op Atlantic Annual General Meeting

·     June 23-28, 2008 - What’s Working in Community Development conference, Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia The pre-conference announcement can be downloaded from: http://www.horizonscda.ca/PDF%20Files/PreConfLo.pdf  If you are submitting an abstract or presentation outline, it must be received by December 31st, 2007.  The call for abstracts/presentations can be downloaded from: http://www.horizonscda.ca/PDF%20Files/AbstractsLo.pdf


Contest of the Week – This week we had a couple of entries. The winner is Natalie Cormier-Shaw, Fredericton, NB.  The Contest entry deadline each week is Tuesday, 12 noon.  Send your answer to contest1@nbnet.nb.ca.  All entries will be placed in the “Contest Can” for the month end draw. Last week’s contest: A dealer ordered a picture 12 inches by 18 inches to be framed so that it would cover just twice its former wall space, the frame to be of uniform width. How wide should the frame be? Answer: Three inches This week’s contest:  A motor car is three times as old as its tires were when it was as old as the tires are now. When its tires are as old as the car is now, the car will be a year older than the tires are now. What are the present ages of car and tires?


Co-op Cooking – Sometimes your morning can be pretty hectic due to company in the house, a special event, or some other happening. Here are two versions of a breakfast dish which simplify the first meal of the day. They work equally well at the beginning of a busy day or after a late night So if you know you want to be off to a fast start and have a few extra minutes, pop one of these in the fridge to begin you day.   
Overnight Oven Eggs
6 eggs
2 cups milk
2 slices bread, cubed
1 tsp. dry mustard
1 lb. sausage meat, fried and drained
6 slices bacon, cut up, fried and dried
1/2 cup shredded cheese
Mix all ingredients together, pour into 9 x 12-inch pan, cover and refrigerate overnight.
In morning, remove cover and bake at 325F for 45 minutes.
Overnight Breakfast Casserole
12 slices bread (white or whole grain)
deli-ham slices
1/2 cup shredded Cheddar Cheese
1/2 cup shredded Swiss Cheese
1 can mushroom pieces, drained
6 eggs, beaten
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup milk
1 cup half and half
1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp pepper sauce
Line 9 x 12-inch baking dish with half of the bread slices. Cover with deli-ham slices. Sprinkle with cheeses and mushroom pieces. Cover with remaining bread slices. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over ingredients in pan. Cover and refrigerate overnight. In morning, remove cover and bake at 350F for 45 minutes (or until top is browned and eggs are set. Note: Half and half may be replaced by milk to cut calories and/or fat. Other ingredients such as asparagus or chopped peppers may be layered with the ham, cheese and mushrooms if desired.- Glenna Weagle


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