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Openings  - “Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste they hurry past it.”  - Soren Kierkegaard plato.stanford.edu/entries/kierkegaard/ Openings is a weekly feature of Co-op Circles. Send your favourite quote about celebrating co-operatives, communities and a better world for all, to News1@nbnet.nb.ca


This Week in Co-op Circles

§      Valley Credit Union, with branches throughout Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, provides ongoing support to many community events and activities in the area. Valley Credit Union is a gold sponsor of Bridgetown’s 25th anniversary of Ciderfest Celebrations, from Sept. 17-21. It is also a “Friend of the Festival” for the 5th anniversary of the Deep Roots Music Festival, from Sept. 26-28 in Wolfville. It has helped sponsor this festival since its inception. For more events and activities that Valley supports, go to www.valleycreditunion.com

§      Again this year, the New Brunswick Film Co-op is presenting its Fredericton Monday Night Film Series. The series partners are the Film Circuit, a division of the Toronto International Film Festival and the UNB Faculty of Arts.  The series presents limited release, independent foreign and Canadian films for one-night screenings, with the goal of diversifying local access to cinema. These films are new or recent releases, which would not otherwise be available to Fredericton audiences on the big screen.  The film series is open to everyone. Regular admission is $7.00 per screening. Memberships are available that provide discounted prices for individual film screenings  www.nbfilmcoop.com The films are shown at Tilley Hall on the University of New Brunswick campus.

§      Advance Savings Credit Union in New Brunswick recently presented a cheque for $500 to Petitcodiac siblings Allison (Alley) and David (Davey) Watson, in support of their 91 day, 7600 kilometre bike journey across Canada to raise money and awareness for cystic fibrosis. Alley and her older sister Amy both suffer from the life-threatening genetic illness.  They began their trip in early May by dipping the back wheels of their bikes in the Pacific Ocean and, as part of their cross-country journey, stopped in their hometown of Petitcodiac, NB, for an evening before heading to their final destination of Newfoundland.

§      Bill McCarthy along with other members of Shean Co-op is organizing a Cellophane Dinner as a Co-op Development Foundation fundraiser prior to Co-op Week 2008. They will sell tickets on a basket of pre-selected groceries.  It is planned for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  The Co-op plans to include a turkey and use mainly local and co-op products.  Also, it will be a fairly healthy market basket. 


Trends - If you’re reading this today, then it likely means everything went well at the start today of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) underground near the French and Swiss borders. From the LHC website at CERN: (http://lhc2008.web.cern.ch/lhc2008/) “Two beams of subatomic particles called ‘hadrons’ – either protons or lead ions – will travel in opposite directions inside the circular accelerator, gaining energy with every lap. Physicists will use the LHC to recreate the conditions just after the Big Bang, by colliding the two beams head-on at very high energy”. Along the way, over 1600 magnets serve to either quicken the beam of particles or focus them, eventually squeezing them closer until they collide. When the particles collide, there’s a relatively huge explosion (but remember, these are infinitely small particles), and particle detectors can take ‘pictures’ of the results to see what happened. One of the things scientists hope to do is verify the existence of the Higgs boson – which some physicists call the ‘God particle’. From Wikipedia: “The verification of the existence of the Higgs boson would be a significant step in the search for a Grand Unified Theory, which seeks to unify three of the four known fundamental forces: electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force, leaving out only gravity. My sense is that particle research will eventually lead to finding new energies (or ways to harness the aforementioned forces), eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels. As for the opening line, some people fear the LHC could create a black hole that would engulf the planet.   Ron Levesque


Circle of Life - NOCTURNE: ART AT NIGHT On October 18, from 6pm to midnight, 28 art galleries, in Halifax, NS, will open their doors and share special exhibits with participants. This is a brand new, free event where people can experience all the art and talent the city has to offer on both sides of the harbour.  There will be two free Metro Transit buses to take participants along the program route. http://www.artgalleryofnovascotia.ca/en/home/aboutagns/partnerships/nocturne/default.aspx - Bronwyn MacKinnon


Young Co-operators: The Buds on the Co-op Tree The Atlantic Co-operative Youth Leadership Program is seeking east-coast youth who want to develop their leadership abilities, meet new friends and learn about co-ops. ACYL provides 3.5 day seminars filled with lots of activities and fun. There are still 2 seminars happening this fall where you (or someone you know) can participate in: 1) New Brunswick – September 11-14, 2008, Camp Shiktehawk or 2) Newfoundland and Labrador – October 9-12, 2008, Twin Ponds. Act fast if you want to take advantage of this great opportunity provided by the co-op movement. Visit www.acyl.coop or contact Trevor at leadership@acyl.coopErin Hancock


Today I Learned Something New: International Development Through the Eyes of Students - During the year, as part of my work with the Canadian Co-operative Association, I visit schools and talk about co-operatives and communities in developing countries. I always appreciate the insights of the students, shared through comment sheets. This week: “I learned that up to grade one or two they do not wear uniforms; that sometimes the coins  have holes in them, and if you have no uniform you can go to school.  Rice is a popular food and they do not have enough food. There is a lot of pollution everywhere.” - Matthew C, Debert  


Trading Fairly -- Fair Trade vs. Free Trade – The principles of fair trade are based on economic justice, and human rights. An article from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - http://www.policyalternatives.ca/index.cfm?act=news&do=Article&call=957&pA=281A8E32&type=3


Co-op Ed 101 - The Ethical Co-op,  Cape Town, South Africa http://www.ethical.org.za/about_us.php arose out of the need to access organic food more affordably and more conveniently. Besides organic fruit and vegetables, they offer a range of other organic and biodynamic items, from dairy to household products. Their focus is on building awareness around organic food and promoting sustainable, organic farming practices. This means educating members as to the nutritional value and growing cycles of food, plus allowing members to know who the farmers are and where the food actually comes from. They want you to have an informed opinion when choosing what you want to eat and which practices you want to support

http://blog.ethical.org.za/?p=68 They are now offering co-op branded peanut butter made from organically grown peanuts.  - Maureen MacLean


Co-op Community Bulletin Board

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§      Oct 15 – The Big Co-op 50/50 Charity Give Away, Moncton Co-op stores – inquire at Mapleton Road and Record Street stores

§      Nov 13-15 – Canadian Worker Co-op Federation AGM and Conference, Winnipeg, MB

§      Nov 15, 2008 – CUSO’s Dance for the World event, Halifax, NS

§      Feb 2 – 5, 2009 Institute for Co-operative Studies, Banff, AB. Presented by the Canadian Co-operative Association, the Institute of Co-operative Studies is the only national co-operative event that contributes to the development of leadership across organizations and sectors within a co-operative and credit union context. Details, as they become available, will be posted to www.CoopsCanada.coop/meetings/instituteofcoopstudies.


Contest of the Week – This week we had six readers with the correct answer of 335 strawberries - Cathy Darland, Glenna Weagle, Bob Potegal, Theresa McDonnell, Marty Frost and Troy Barkhouse. We have included Glenna’s answer as it has such a great explanation. “If I had 34 berries left after giving away 2/3 then 1/3 = 34 and so I had 102 before giving any away. I had eaten 6 so 102 + 6 = 108. This was 2/3 of what I had before meeting Simon and so (108 being 2/3, 54 = 1/3 so 108 + 54 = 162). I ate 3 more making my total 165 which was 1/2 of what I had before sharing with Geoff (165 + 165 = 330). And the first 5 eaten means I had 335 strawberries in my basket at the end of picking and before being hit with all this generosity.” And we can’t help sharing these comments:

§      Hey contest staff… there were 335 strawberries to start… if it took all day, that’s one slow picker. - Bob Potegal

§      Maybe too late with this, but I think you started with 335 strawberries.  I would have too, but the deer ate all my strawberry plants as fast as I could plant them. - Marty Frost

This week’s contest: Can you complete the names for the authors of these imaginary books? See first example:

1.         Politeness by Hugo First

2.         What's for breakfast? by

3.         Native American Weaponry by

4.         Easy Money by

5.         Successful Books by

6.         Foreseeing the Future by

7.         The Perfect Marriage by

Good luck this week!!! Everyone who enters has their name placed in the contest can for the month end drawing. The contest entry deadline each week is Tuesday, 12 noon.  Send your answer to contest1@nbnet.nb.ca.


Co-op Cooking – This is a great luncheon dish. Serve it with a few fresh veggies and a dip on the side. 
Potato Pepperoni Frittata
4 eggs
1/4 cup water
1 cup frozen hash brown potatoes
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/4 cup chopped green pepper
8 thin slices pepperoni
1 small tomato, seeded and chopped
2 tbsp shredded mozzarella cheese
salt and pepper to taste
Beat eggs with water; season with salt and pepper.
Heat an 8-inch non-stick skillet over medium high heat. Sauté potato, onion and green pepper until tender. Pour egg mixture over veggies. As mixture sets at edges, gently lift cooked portion to allow uncooked egg to flow underneath. Cook until bottom is set and top is almost set. Arrange pepperoni slices over frittata. Broil for 2 minutes. Sprinkle with tomato and cheese. Return to broiler for 1 to 2 minutes (eggs are completely set and cheese is melted. Serve immediately. - Glenna Weagle


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