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This Week in Co-op Circles

§      Join the Eat Atlantic Challenge – for the Environment, the Economy, the Future! Friday, September 4. It’s easy to be part of this event. Visit the Eat Atlantic Challenge website at www.eatatlantic.ca and make the pledge to eat only Atlantic foods for one day. When you register you automatically qualify for a chance to win a $250 gift basket of Atlantic foods. Earn extra ballots by telling us why eating Atlantic is important to you and your family. Encourage family members and friends to join the challenge for extra chances to win. Facebook, Twitter - Become an Eat Atlantic Challenge fan on Facebook and follow updates on Twitter. Children’s Contest - Kids can be part of the Eat Atlantic Challenge too! See the link to the Kids Clubhouse at www.eatatlantic.ca or go to www.co-opsonline.com/kidsclub/ and enter to win a bicycle. The contest, open to children ages 6-12, is a fun and easy way to discover the benefits of eating made-in-Atlantic products. Why Eat Atlantic? Eating Atlantic foods is the best choice for you and your families’ health. It’s also the right choice for your local economy and the environment.   And Atlantic Canada has a rich abundance of quality healthy, tasty products to choose from.   On Friday, September 4, make a difference. Buy products made close to home. It’s good for your health. It benefits the economy and it’s kinder to the environment.

§      The 2009 Canadian Worker Co-op Federation Annual General Meeting and Conference,  “From Crisis to Opportunity”, will be held Thursday, Nov 19 -Saturday, Nov 21, 2009  at Centre Memramcook Resort, Memramcook, NB. The focus at the 2009 CWCF Conference will be on practical training and sharing which will be highly relevant for worker co-ops.  An additional focus this year will be on how worker co-ops can be part of the solution, survive and even thrive in times of economic crisis such as the current period, as well as in the face of environmental crisis.  Keynote speaker will be Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada, who has stated that one of the three most influential people in her life was Moses Coady, founder of the Antigonish Movement. For more information, the full Conference Program will be available at: www.coopzone.coop/CWCF_Conf09 by Sept. 18th, with online registration possible by early October. Member registration fees are:  $160 for the first person, and $125 for others from the same member.  Registration costs $410 for non-members.

§      Acadian Credit Union in Cheticamp, NS, hosted a special guest recently. Eight- year-old Sky Dupe, who lives in Toronto, dropped by one day with her aunt Noreen to meet the staff at the Credit Union. This little girl, who showed staff her Hannah Montana tattoos, is in remission with leukemia. Sky wanted to thank everybody for helping her aunt visit her last winter while she was in the hospital in Toronto http://www.acadiancreditu.ca/web;jsessionid=CD36BD37CC215E7D887862DDC18E7A9C?service=direct/1/Home/PortletsRegular/$DirectLink$1&sp=S1847

§      The Petitcodiac, N.B. branch of Advance Savings Credit Union recently presented a $302 cheque to Beth Murray of the Petitcodiac Boys & Girls Club to assist with its fundraising efforts toward building a new gym for the Petitcodiac community. The funds were raised by selling tickets on a gift card to the Corn Hill Tree Nursery earlier in the summer. http://www.advancesavings.ca/news_pages/community_ascu_B5_B&GC.htm

§      The Caisses populaires acadiennes have acquired a new series of paintings by an Acadian artist http://www.acadie.com/en/communique_affiche.cfm?id=626 The Caisses populaires acadiennes have officially unveiled the “Héritage” Collection, a series of eight paintings recently purchased from the artist Donald McGraw, Pokemouche, NB. The paintings of the “Héritage” Collection reflect the fact that our past survives in the present and in our children who are the continuation of ourselves, and become our faith in the future. The Caisses populaires acadiennes acquired this collection as a permanent display at the Édifice MARTIN-J.-LÉGÈRE, in Caraquet, NB.



Trends - I generally regard co-operatives in Europe as more advanced than in North America in many areas – especially in the areas of community involvement and activism. There are tons of examples, which I will not repeat here, but they generally involve doing more than just donating to charity. But last week I received a forwarded invitation of sorts to participate in an online petition in support of a movement called ACT! (which stands for Addressing the Climate Threat) that is being promoted by Co-operatives Europe. The Canadian Co-operative Association also picked it up and published it in its latest electronic mailout. Part of the campaign would have people sign an online petition in support of action at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen in a little less than 100 days from now. Electronic petitions fall into the category of futile attempts at change. There is even a term for it – slacktivism (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slacktivism) – that describes it as actions ‘that have little or no practical effect other than to make the person doing it feel satisfaction’. It is the same as ‘wearing red to support our troops’ or ‘wearing pink to support breast cancer research’ or ‘joining a Facebook group to stop drunk driving’. None of these actions help the end cause, but they make some people feel good. Real actions effect real change. Ron Levesque


Young Co-operators: The Buds on the Co-op Tree - Desjardins Developpement international has launched the “Doing My Part” contest running from August 13-November 16. This is designed as a virtual rally to learn about international development, microfinance and their relationship to co-ops. If you are currently a member of a co-op, you are eligible to enter. Simply visit their website (www.doingmypart.coop) to answer some multiple choice questions and your will be entered to win a trip to Burkina Faso, a book on microfinance, backpack or gift certificate (20 winners will be chosen).  - Erin Hancock


Co-op Ed 101 - This week we feature the  Cooperative Development Institute (CDI ) in Massachusetts which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. CDI is the Northeast center for cooperative development, providing business services, technical assistance, education, training, and networking to the region’s thousands of cooperatives and credit unions. http://www.cdi.coop/ Fifteen years ago this week, a group of cooperative leaders from New England and New York introduced the region to the Cooperative Development Institute (CDI). Its mission: to grow the Northeast’s cooperative economy. Congratulation from all Co-operators near and far!!! –– Maureen MacLean


Co-op Community Bulletin Board

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§      Sept 24, 2009 - LUNCHBOX SPEAKERS’ SERIES - September Speakers’ Panel - Water Justice - noon – 1:30 pm, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, 252 Bloor St. West, Toronto, Room 12-199. Speakers: Joe Cressy… is the Campaigns Coordinator for the Polaris Institute.  He will discuss the issue of bottled water and the need for public water infrastructure, both in Canada and internationally; Nancy Goucher... is the Program Coordinator for the Forum for Leadership on Water (FLOW).  She will discuss efforts to protect our critical fresh water resources, emphasizing the necessity of having all levels of government work together as part of a Canada-wide strategy to effectively address current and emerging threats to fresh water security; Mark Cazavara… is the regional organizer (Ontario/Quebec) for The Council of Canadians, and he will talk about dumpsite 41 in Toronto as it relates to water source protection, scarcity and the human right to clean water. For more information, contact Lisa White at secspeaker@oise.utoronto.ca or visit http://socialeconomy.utoronto.ca This event will also be webcast live on the Internet.  Please see website for detailed instructions.

§      Sept 25-26, 2009 – Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Co-operatives Annual General Meeting and Co-op Conference, Holiday Inn, St. John’s, NL As part of the event, NLFC is partnering with the Petty Harbour Fishermen’s Co-op which is celebrating its 25th Anniversary.  This year’s dinner and entertainment will take place in Petty Harbour- Maddox Cove on Saturday evening.    

§      Nov 19-21, 2009 Canadian Worker Co-op AGM and Conference, Moncton, NB


Contest of the WeekLast week’s contest: We had 3 correct entries. The first correct submission was from Kathy Day, Just Us! Coffee Roasters, Grand Pre, NS.  Answer: 1. Search (delete 'i' and add 'sea') 2. Website (delete 'p' and add 'web') 3. Submit (delete 'e' and add 'sub') 4. Label (delete 'f' and add 'lab') 5. Logic (delete 'e' and add 'log') This week’s contest: The following is a list of cartoon characters that are all appropriately named. For example, Bob would be a good name for a buoy (because a buoy bobs up and down). Can you get all of the names? The first letter of each name is given. All of the names are common English names.
R____ the Leaf
B____ the Nail
P____ the Hamburger
S____ the Beach
B____ the Five-spot
M____ the Pen
L____ the Truck
C____ the Basket

Please keep those entries coming! Everyone who enters has their name placed in the contest can for the month end drawing August winner is

Bryan Tudor, Lumsden, SK. The Contest entry deadline each week is Tuesday, 12 noon. Send your entry to contest1@nbnet.nb.ca.


Co-op CookingThe season of fresh corn is here. If you like to be adventurous, try a few of the following toppings instead of the usual melted butter, salt and pepper.

Corn Flavour Poppers

§    For a heartier spread, mix mayonnaise with Mexican cojita cheese or your choice of a spicy cheese blend, and ground chili pepper.

§    A mixture of cinnamon, granulated sugar, and melted butter puts a sweet spin on fresh corn.

§    Spice up your corn by spreading on a mixture of curry powder and melted butter. Chopped pistachios add extra crunch.

§    To make an easy topper combine coarse sea salt, cracked black pepper, cumin seeds, and olive oil.

§    Make the most of garden-fresh herbs by mixing sage and rosemary with melted butter. Spread the mixture over fresh corn.

§    For a spread with a bit of Italian flair, mix pesto sauce with freshly grated Parmesan cheese and melted butter.

§    Give corn a Mediterranean twist by topping it with a mixture of hummus, roasted red pepper, and olive tapenade

§     Pantry-ready herbed pepper seasoning from your grocer, stirred into melted butter, is a super-simple way to spice up your corn. - Glenna Weagle


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§      It was very nice surprise to see my worker co-op, Equal Exchange, mentioned in the newsletter. Thank you. By the way, as part of the Fundraising program we’ve also created a 16 unit, 120 page curriculum for grades 4 – 9 and besides offering instruction on Fair Trade, farming, etc. there is also a section on co-operative economics. People can buy a hard copy at cost (US$7) or download it for free. Regards, - Rodney North www.EqualExchange.coop & blog www.SmallFarmersBigChange.coop


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