Susan Crocker and John Hunkin – Toronto
Susan is on the St. F. X. Board of Governors & Coady Advisory Committee. Her husband John is the former CEO of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

This was a special opportunity to see the Coady graduates at work. The situations they are operating in are diverse, touching a wide range of the development spectrum.
While the context and environment may differ from situation to situation, the common thread is the application of the Coady’s asset-based development principles - It is impressive to witness the range of needs and opportunities to which the Coady graduates were applying their leadership skills and the creativity involved.
In Nepal, we visited a range of graduates applying the Coady Institute’s principles to many aspects of life in their communities. Travelling in the Gaindakot area was like visiting a Coady laboratory! First, a health clinic that initiated by a graduate who began his work with a case study he developed while he was at the Coady Institute. He has made that case study a reality in building a health clinic and now he is beginning to expand that to become a hospital.  Next we met an educator, also a graduate, who was applying the  principles of member cooperatives to education. Then nearby, we met with women running a medicinal herb co-operative and collaborating to market their agricultural products.  It was very rewarding to experience their passion and see results.

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