Kevin Peacock and Adrienne Peacock – Montreal
Adrienne is a former member of the St. F.X. Board of Governerors and attended the trip with her son Kevin. Kevin had this report about his experience in India and Nepal:

Enlightening would be an understatement! The trip to India and Nepal with the Coady Institute this past November was truly an eye opener and reaffirmed all of the positive buzz that surrounds Coady, its leaders, graduates and the institute’s impact on international development.

Leading up to the trip we were told time and again by friends and family who had been to the region to brace ourselves for an 'other worldly' experience and that proved to be very sound advice. What was exceptional was that although the trip was a very quick tour we were able to get an inside glimpse of the 'real' India and Nepal and fortunate to be given access to Coady graduates on the front lines of their work. We were invited into their communities and organizations and met with the everyday people that benefit from the various programs of citizen engagement and community building. It was obvious that each of the graduates we came into contact with were leaders and tireless in their efforts to mobilize and empower the people around them.

From rural slums outside of Ahmedabad and the urban sprawl of the Jhangir Puri slum on the outskirts of Delhi to Bharatpur outside of Kathmandu, Nepal, what we witnessed on our tour were people who were engaged and devoted to creating resilient, sustainable communities.

Harnessed passion and positive momentum is the closest I can think of to sum up the overall take away from the experience. On a personal level it was life changing and motivation to keep engaged and become an active global citizen.

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