The Deep South Wealth Creation Network

The Deep South Wealth Creation Network works to develop vegetable and livestock value chains for the purpose of sustaining the natural resources and improving the livelihoods of rural families in Alabama and Mississippi. The Network is made up of seven organizations. Since 2011, members of the Network have worked in partnership with the Ford Foundation’s Wealth Creation and Rural Livelihoods Initiative. Through initial research, the Network identified and assessed the existing components of the value chain, defined a set of investment and capacity needs for growing the value chain, and uncovered the opportunities and challenges related to value chain development in the region. Motivated by the results of this research, the Network is building on this knowledge to construct strong, effective agricultural value chains in low-wealth rural areas of Mississippi and Alabama. Download 99K PDF

Click here for webinar recording from October 10, 2013.

Cheryl Peterson, Co-Manager of the Deep South Wealth Creation Network, talks about the success factors that were critical to the growth of the 12-member network, which addresses issues of agricultural value chains.

She credits the collaboration of the intermediary organizations and other stakeholders.