Leadership for Community-Based Adaptation

   to Climate Change

April 22 - May 8, 2014 Application Closed Facilitators: Bernard Guri & TBD

What you can expect

Wherever we live, in rural or urban settings, the dynamics between people and our ecological environment raises concerns – especially in the context of climate change. We need to understand the reciprocity between development and social change on the one hand, and the state of our environmental resources on the other. We need to be able to offer leadership to our organizations and communities to manage resources sustainably and build the resilience of communities. This multidisciplinary course is designed to increase your understanding of the dynamics of socio-ecological systems, and hone your skills related to community-based adaptation and natural resource management, including strategies for the engagement and legal empowerment of communities. The course will also help you develop practical tools and a critical understanding of the principles and methods discussed in the context of different world views, cultures and geographies.

Personal benefits

  • Learn endogenous, asset-based community development tools and methods and community organizing principles;
  • Understand and demystifying climate change from the perspective of communities as agents of change;
  • Appreciate a holistic, well-being perspective and other ways communities perceive and value natural world;
  • Develop strategies for incorporating local and indigenous knowledge;
  • Learn the role of governance systems, institutions, and multiple stakeholders, and develop competence in analytical tools for the legal empowerment of communities, policy change and advocacy.

Organizational benefits

  • Develop inclusive and integrative strategies to promote sustainable use of natural resources that also support the livelihoods;
  • Build capacities and confidence for planning, implementing, supporting, and sustaining community-driven approaches to natural resource management, climate change adaptation, and community resilience;
  • Understand the importance of, and methods for, integrating poverty alleviation, social development and ecological sustainability.

Who should take the Program?

This program is designed for people working in natural resource management, or related fields, who want to enhance their understanding and skills in community-based approaches and models.

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