About This Directory

This is a collaborative, evolving Resource Directory. We hope for continuing input from around the world!

The goal of the Directory is to provide a vehicle for development workers, activists, policy-oriented researchers and scholars to share their knowledge of critical resources dealing with gender and sustainable rural development. We also hope to challenge the myth that good print and audio-visual materials are only available from the so-called "developed countries", hence our focus on items produced in the South.

The project was initiated in 1995 by Sue Adams, former Librarian at the Coady International Institute, and Nan Peacocke, Publications Editor at WAND. A grant from the Mary MacNeil Fund for Internationalization at St. Francis Xavier University supported the preliminary design process.

A number of individuals should be recognized for their significant roles in the development of the Directory. First and foremost is Catherine Irving, who compiled, edited and entered submissions from other contributors, as well as providing a substantial base of entries from which to build. Nancy Peters, working at the Northeast Thailand Foundation (NET), kindly shared numerous entries from a bibliography she was compiling. Elaine MacLean of the Angus L Macdonald Library contributed hours of technical advice and assistance, both delivered with admirable patience and good humour. Special thanks also go to the individual contributors from around the world who are helping the Directory to grow and develop.

We will also continue to accept submissions in paper as well as electronic format, so as not to exclude those who are not 'webbed'. Do you have an entry to contribute to this ongoing project? Let us know.