How To Search This Directory

The Complete Directory

Here you will find the entire file, arranged alphabetically by titles of the items. At present, the Directory contains about 80 substantial entries, so simple browsing may prove a little tedious. You might prefer to use the 'Search' or 'Find' feature of your Web browser to enter particular key words that you think will help you pick out records of interest.

At the top of each entry you will see a coloured ball which corresponds to one of the colour-coded Subject Lists. Click on the ball to go to the list of entries in this subject area.

The Subject Lists

We have divided the entries among seven broad categories to facilitate more focused searching. Each entry appears in only one of the categories, so each general group may not include every entry which touches on the subject.

After looking through the entries in your main area of interest, you may wish to return to the Complete Directory and use the 'Search' or 'Find' function - as noted above - to find additional items.

Most of the categories are hopefully self-explanatory, but some encompass a number of different aspects. For example:

    LEGAL ASPECTS includes Human Rights issues , particularly Women's Rights and Labour Rights

The Address List

Wherever possible, addresses for publishers and organizations mentioned in the Directory have been listed to help locate or obtain resources. The addresses given here are the most recent ones we have found: if you can update an entry, please let us know!