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The ABC's of Cooperative Childcare
  Note:  DVD

This film examines cooperative childcare as an option to meet the rising need for childcare. It explains how such a programme meets the flexibility needed by parents at the same time as meeting the needs of the children. It describes the benefits of such a programme over other childcare options, and introduces various models of cooperative childcare.

Length: 22 min.
File No. 390
Acid Rain - Requiem or Recovery
  Note:  DVD

This is a program intended to increase public awareness of a growing serious threat to North America's environment. This film looks at the impact of acid rain on our woods, waters, and wildlife. It explains what acid rain is, where it originates, and how its insidious advance threatens, not only the natural life around us, but our man made environment, as well.

Length: 32 min.
File No. 042
Acts of Defiance
  Note:  DVD

On-the-spot reportage captures the struggles of the Mohawk people of Kahnawake against the Canadian army and governments of Canada and Quebec during the summer of 1990. Centred around events at Oka, the film demonstrates that the rebellion was not engineered by a conspiratorial elite, as some claimed, but was the expression of the Mohawk people, determined to stand their ground.

Length: 104 min.
File No. 186
Africa, I Will Fleece You
  Note:  VHS

As democratic movements break out around the world, a generation of young Africans fight to rid their countries of governments plagued by corruption, nepotism and economic devastation. This is an essay on the history of colonialism in Cameroon and the African continent. Past and present are intertwined in the study of the violent colonial past and unbearable autocratic present. The written word is seen as a tool for freedom, showing the publishing and media industries in Cameroon today. It also unveils the rich traditions of pre-colonial literature.

Length: 88 min.
File No. 254
African Market Women Series (compilation)
  Note:  DVD; NFB

This series documents the creative and innovative measures designed by women to get the credit they need, and profiles East African women who are becoming significant participants in their local economies. From the Shore is the story of how a small group of Muslim women in a Kenyan village broke with tradition, bought a boat, and now employ the men in a thriving fish business. Where Credit is Due introduces enterprising Kenyan market women who have been able to obtain loans through a special credit program introduced by Women's World Banking. Fair Trade introduces a fishmonger, a stone crusher, and other women who have thrown off a history of exclusion to venture into the marketplace.

Length: 71 min.
File No. 121
African Odyssey
  Note:  VHS

The program, through an eleven year study conducted by the Owens, examines the conservation needs of the Kalihari Desert, Botswana. Their research findings strongly speak of the need for a conservation plan to ensure the area's living presence for future generations. They plot lion and hyena movements using animals tagged with radio transmitters.

Length: 58 min.
File No. 048
African Women as Farmers - Example from Zambia
  Note:  DVD; Manual available.

Filmed in Zambia, with script written by Zambian scholar Rita Mudena Mwampole, this video shows women's agricultural work being recognized and encouragement being given to cash crop and income generating projects. Problems are mentioned, but the overall presentation is positive.

Length: 10 min.
File No. 099
AIDS in Africa
  Note:  DVD

This film presents an uncompromising but compassionate investigation of the subject of AIDS in Africa, and raises many of the important questions about the virus: How is AIDS spreading in Africa? What is being done to stop it? What role has economic development played in the spread of AIDS? What are the economic and cultural obstacles to stopping it?

Length: 52 min.
File No. 198
Alex Sim, A Rural Adventure
  Note:  VHS

This is a biographical video about R. Alex Sim. Born in Saskatchewan in 1911, Sim grew up in rural Ontario. He was involved in the founding of the New Canada Movement in the 1930s, rural Folk Schools, and the National Farm Radio Forum. He has worked with the Rural Learning Association to foster a regeneration of rural community.

Length: 40 min.
File No. 221
The Alkali Lake Story: The Honour of All (Part 1)
  Note:  DVD

This first part of the series gives a description of how the Shuswap people of Alkali Lake in British Columbia,Canada were introduced to alcohol and the social problems that ensued. It also shows how the Alkali Lake Indian Band went from 100% alcoholism to 95% sober in 14 years, due in large part by the efforts of Andy and Phyllis Chelsea. November 1986.

Length: 56 min.
File No. 246
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