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Improving women's access to credit in the third world : policy and project recommendations
  Author:  Lycette, Margaret A.


File No: ICRW-O1
Agency: International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)
Date: June, 1984
Subject: Credit, Microenterprise, Women entrepreneurs
Page: 23 + Bibliography
An organizational analysis of the expansion of ADEMI's credit program.
  Author:  Bowman, Margaret E.

The organizational structure of ADEMI (Asociacion de Desarrollo para la Microempresa), one of ACCION's oldest and most successful affiliates located in the Dominican Republic, is analyzed thoroughly in this publication. ADEMI's strategy, technical ability, administration, expansion, and communications system are discussed.

File No: AI-OP2
Agency: ACCION International
Date: April, 1987
Subject: Credit, Microenterprise
Page: 47
Solidarity group programs : a working methodology for enhancing the economic activities of women in the informal sector.
  Author:  Otero, Maria

The impact that the solidarity group concept has had on women is discussed in this document. It explains why women comprise a large percentage of the informal sector, and why the solidarity group is a successful credit mechanism for women entrepreneurs.

File No: AI-OP3
Agency: ACCION International
Date: September, 1986
Subject: Women Entrepreneurs, Microenterprise, Credit
Page: 25 p. + Bibliography
Solidarity groups and the Women's World Bank : experiences from Cali, Colombia.
  Author:  Ashe, Jeffrey

Documenting the effects of solidarity group loans on micro-businesses in Cali, Colombia, this publication describes the process of change initiated and the impact of the program on participants.

File No: AI-OP4
Agency: ACCION International
Date: March, 1986
Subject: Credit, Women entrepreneurs
Page: 37 p.
Micro credit : a financial intermediary for the informal sector.
  Author:  Ashe, Jeffrey

Drawing from micro-lending experiences worldwide, this document proposes the use of microcredit as a financially viable means of reaching the tiniest businesses in any cultural setting.

File No: AI-OP5
Agency: ACCION International
Date: November, 1986
Subject: Credit, Microenterprise
Page: 68 p. + annexes
The Pisces II experience, Volume 1 : Local efforts in micro-enterprise development.
  Author:  Ashe, Jeffrey

As the first part of the final publication of PISCES, a USAID-sponsored project, this document is the synthesis and conclusion of a five-year effort to learn how to assist the smallest businesses of the informal sector.

File No: AI-OP7
Agency: ACCION International
Date: April, 1985
Subject: Microenterprise
Page: 146
The Pisces II experience, Volume 2 : case studies from Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Kenya and Egypt
  Author:  Ashe, Jeffrey

This document presents the case studies of four micro-enterprise demonstration projects. It includes the previous ACCION case study 'Assisting the Survival Economy' (OP12).

File No: AI-OP8
Agency: ACCION International
Date: December, 1985
Subject: Microenterprise, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Kenya, Egypt
Page: 226
Benefits of informal sector business activity in the Dominican Republic : three case studies.
  Author:  Bowman, Margaret

This publication discusses the pros and cons of bringing a micro-business into the formal sector. It proposes a methodology for determining if a business is positioned to formalize, or if a business is avoiding formalization to evade taxes and paperwork.

File No: AI-OP6
Agency: ACCION International
Date: June, 1986
Subject: Microenterprise, Dominican Republic
Page: 19 p. + appendices
Women's participation in PROGRESO : a micro-enterprise credit program reaching the smallest businesses of the poor in Lima, Peru.
  Author:  Reichmann, Rebecca L.

Female food vendors are a conspicuous part of the informal sector in Lima, and the market vendor component of the PROGRESO program was designed to meet their credit needs. women's problems and performance in this program are examined, as are project innovations that encourage high payback rates and increases in income.

File No: AI-OP9
Agency: ACCION International
Date: October, 1984
Subject: Microenterprise, Women entrepreneurs, Credit, Peru
Page: 78 p.
Women's participation in ADEMI : the Association for the development of Microenterprises, Inc.
  Author:  Reichmann, Rebecca L.

This report examines the role of female micro-business clients, mostly seamstresses and foodsellers, in the ADEMI program in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The study concludes that women are well represented in the program, but their special needs are not always met.

File No: AI-OP10
Agency: ACCION International
Date: February, 1984
Subject: Microenterprise, Credit, Women entrepreneurs, Dominican Republic
Page: 66 p.
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