Steering Committee and Partners

This Steering Committee is composed of Haitian leaders and Special Advisors from across sectors.

Steering Committee


Maryse Pénette-Kedar
Founder, Fondation PRODEV; President of Solano, Haitian subsidiary of Royal Caribbean

Magalie Noel Dresse
Owner, Caribbean Craft; President, Artisan Business Network


Edmonde Supplice Beauzile
Education Specialist; President, Haitian Social Democratic Political Party

Gaelle Delaquis
Canadian Embassy

Nancy Dorsinville
Policy Advisor, NGOs & Civil Society, U.N. Office of the Special Envoy to Haiti

Duquesne Fednard
CEO, D&E Green Enterprises

Evelyn Liautaud
Creative Director, CHOUBLAC

Jacky Lumarque
President, Quisqueya University

Michèle Oriol, PhD
Director of the Inter-Ministerial Planning Commission

Claire-Cecile Pierre, M.D.
Director, Program in Health Systems Strengthening and Social Change, Harvard Medical School

Kesner Pharel
Chairman, Group Croissance; radio host

Norma Powell
Brana, ADIH

Cantave Jean-Baptiste, Director, Groundswell/Partnership for Local Development (PDL)

Alexandre Telfort-Fils, Founder of Volunteers for Democracy

Jerry Tardieu, President & General Director, Royal Oasis Hotel, Oasis Foundation. Vice President of the Haitian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Loune Viaud, Co-Executive Director, Zamni Lasante

Special Advisors

Paul Altidor, Vice President, Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

Mary Coyle, Special Advisor to CHLE; Former Director of Coady International Institute

Gordon Cunningham, Assistant Director, The Coady International Institute

Nigel Fisher, former UN Special Representative to the Secretary General in Haiti

Will Recant, Assistant Executive Vice President, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

Danielle St. Lot, Ambassador-at-Large of the Republic of Haiti for Investment in Women’s Empowerment; Co-Founder, Femme en Democratie

Program Partners

CHLE has formed a variety of partnerships with organizations in Haiti.  Some of these organizations have representation on the Steering Committee. Others have members that have become CHLE researchers or trainers, and some help to recruit and send participants to CHLE’s leadership programs.  Partners include:

  • The Haitian Education and Leadership Program
  • Quisqueya University, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Future Generations Haiti
  • Soley Leve (Rising Sun)
  • World Vision
  • Fondation ProDev (ProDev Foundation)
  • École Supérieure d’Infotronique d’Haiti (Haitian Superior Infotronic School)
  • Ciné Institute
  • Kodinasyon Fanm Rivye Kano (KOFAR, Women’s Coordination of the Kano River)
  • Femmes en Démocratie (Women in Democracy)
  • Partenariat pour le Développement Locale (PDL, Partnership for Local Development)
  • Caribbean Craft
  • The Clinton Foundation