International Centre for Women’s Leadership

Igniting Women’s Leadership Worldwide

Meeting and responding effectively to the challenges of this century depends on the commitment and ability of societies around the globe to empower the world’s women. It is widely known and understood that women’s empowerment is closely linked to improving the overall quality of life not only for women but for all people. Yet, women continue to be under-represented in decision-making positions in the social, economic and political arenas. A commitment to women’s empowerment not only means enabling women to advance in such arenas, but also building their capacity to fully and effectively participate as leaders, thereby ensuring their influence in all aspects of development and their elevation in societies worldwide.

The Coady Institute has been building leadership capacities through its programming since 1959, with an increasing focus on the particular needs of women as they take on greater roles and responsibilities.  In recognition of its firm commitment to and strategic focus on advancing women’s social, political and economic empowerment, the Coady Institute launched the International Centre for Women’s Leadership in 2011. The Centre is a unique focal point for dedicated and quality education, partnership and network building and action-oriented research on women’s leadership and empowerment.

Now entering its eighth year, the Centre is managing five women’s leadership programs benefitting women in Canada and abroad, with other programs under development. These programs operate both from the Coady Institute facilities in Canada as well as in developing countries. Program staff members are also engaged in a range of research initiatives, including a study of Aboriginal women entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada, learning facilitation on the role and impact of collectives on women’s livelihoods in South Asia, Middle East and Africa, and gender and conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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