Canadian Women's Foundation Leadership Institute

Class of 2015


Katherine Alexander
Executive Director
Elizabeth Fry Society, Whitehorse, Yukon

Dixie Baum
Community & Event Specialist
Servants Anonymous Society of Calgary (SAS), Calgary, Alberta

My goal is to become a better advocate for women. I came to Coady to develop my capacity as a leader, and to learn with dynamic women leaders from across the country. It is my hope that our shared experience evolves into a network that spans beyond this program.

Kate Bojin
Project Manager
White Ribbon, Toronto, Ontario

I came to Coady to connect and learn from diverse women leaders across the country. Within my role at White Ribbon, I hope to strengthen my ability to drive meaningful partnerships and to identify strategic and bold entry points to foster gender equality and social change.

Nicole Cammaert
Director, Community Engagement and Education
New Dawn Enterprises Limited, Sydney, Nova Scotia

Coming to Coady affords me the opportunity to deepen my connection to the Antigonish Movement. I hope to gain a better understanding of leadership styles and facilitation methods to grow my ability to be an effective, innovative, and compassionate change agent.

Yvonne Davis
On-Track Career and Employment Services, Scarborough, Ontario

I am hoping that the program will equip me with the skills needed to further my organization’s development of training programs for women and social economic development.

Annick Diop
Community Credit Advisor
ACEM, Montreal, Quebec

Coady is a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge, acquire new tools, and share my experiences and learn from others. From this leadership program, I hope to grow as a person who is committed to the non-profit sector and I want to become a multiplying agent.

Jill Doyle
Choices for Youth, St. John's, Newfoundland

I came to Coady to elevate my leadership abilities, to learn from strong women, and to challenge myself on a new level, one that will undoubtedly make me uncomfortable at times, but will ultimately enhance my leadership skills and instill a greater degree of confidence.

Carolyn Henderson
Site Coordinator
The Centre for Skills Development and Training, Burlington, Ontario

I came to Coady to develop my leadership skills so that I will become an even more impactful leader. I am excited to learn from other exceptional women across the country, leverage my strengths to facilitate positive change, and inspire others to do likewise.

Marni Herskovits
Manager of Public Education and Community Outreach
Yellow Brick House, Richmond Hill, Ontario

I came to Coady to enhance my leadership skills and learn from women leaders from across Canada, who each come with their own unique knowledge and perspectives.  I hope to become a skilled advocate for systemic change to better help support the women in my community.

Robyn Hoogendam
Stewart of Research
The Learning Enrichment Foundation, Toronto, Ontario

I came to Coady to develop my leadership skills, and learn from a smart, talented and engaged group of women. I hope to learn about and develop tools that I can take back to my organization and communities.

Sultana Jahangir
Founder and Executive Director
South Asian Women's Rights Organization, Toronto, Ontario

SAWRO has to find a way to engage the larger community regarding an innovative approach for effectively delivering service to meet the economic and social integration needs of immigrant groups. Developing my leadership skills may enable the organization to tackle this problem.

Li Jin
Chief Financial Officer
Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS), Halifax, Nova Scotia

I came to Coady to expand my leadership knowledge, to learn and share with other women leaders from across the country, and to achieve further personal growth.

France Emmanuelle-Joly
Executive Director
Vancouver Women's Health Collective (VWHC), Vancouver, British Columbia

I came to Coady to learn from other women and bring back to my organisation and community as many ideas and best practices as possible. I hope to share the knowledge I will gain over the year and inspire more women to take their place in leadership roles.

Karoline Kemp
Nelson and District Women's Centre, Nelson, British Columbia

I love new experiences, and think that it is always important to be learning. I’m excited to participate in this program to connect with other leaders, to expand my own skill-set and to share what I learn to make my organization stronger.

Jennifer Lepko
Youth Services Manager and Special Projects Coordinator
YWCA Lethbridge and District, Lethbridge, Alberta

I came to Coady to develop and improve leadership skills that can build capacity within my organization and community, and to collaborate with strong women leaders across the country in the continued fight to end violence against women.

Arlene MacDonald
Executive Director
Pictou County Women's Resource and Sexual Assault Centre, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

I came to learn from the experience and expertise of both the Coady Institute and the women leaders from across the country who will be my co-participants on this journey. I hope to take away an increased level of self-awareness and skills and an amazing network of support.

Catherine Mcnab
Executive Director
Planned Parenthood, Ottawa, Ontario

I came to Coady to learn with women leaders. I look forward to adding more strategy to my largely intuitive leadership style and to joining a nation-wide network of women making a difference in their communities.

Kristy Martell
Chief Operating Officer
Newfoundland & Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs (NLOWE), St. John’s, Newfoundland

More empowered women leaders will change our local communities. I want to help foster strong women leaders, inspiring others to be confident enough to seize opportunity, no matter the challenge. Coady will further my leadership skills, increasing my ability to impact change.

Debbie Scallion
Project Coordinator
Quesnel Women’s Resource Centre, Quesnel, British Columbia

I came to Coady to learn from the accumulated wisdom of the incredible faculty and to connect and share with the other women leaders from across the country. My hope is to unveil the confidence and direction for my strength of leadership and with it,  to change my world.

Naomi Seminega
Executive Coordinator
The MATCH International Women’s Fund, Ottawa, Ontario

I came to Coady to be challenged, to draw on the vast experience and wisdom of like-minded women and to clarify my vision as a leader.

Kendra Strong-Garcia
Senior Director of Programs
YWCA Regina, Regina, Saskachewan

I am excited to study at Coady, to be part of a diverse, inspiring group of women that are passionate about empowerment. As a lifelong learner I value the opportunity to study at an international institute which will enhance my skills and remind me to question everything.

Tara Templin
Executive Director
EcoEquitable Inc., Ottawa, ON

I came to Coady to understand more about what makes an excellent woman leader and to identify specific goals for my own development.  I hope to take away new friends, ideas and strategies that will help me make a positive impact on my community.

Bonnie Wilson
Building Aboriginal Women’s Leadership Capacity Developer
Ontario Native Women’s Association, Thunder Bay, Ontario

I came to Coady driven by a desire to further develop and implement my leadership skills to effectively foster the growth of strong Aboriginal women in leadership roles.  This amazing opportunity will greatly influence my leadership goals and provide many positive impacts.

Ellen Zhang
Human Resources/Office Manager
Newcomer Centre of Peel, Mississauga, Ontario

I came to Coady to explore and develop my leadership skills as a female leader in the non-for-profit sector. I’m also looking forward to networking and learning from other female leaders.