Ethel Côté

Ethel Côté has worked for nearly thirty years in the economic, social, cultural and cooperative sectors. Her commitment to the sustainable development of communities has earned her work with many groups and communities - particularly women, social enterprises, cooperatives and community groups in rural and urban areas. She has acquired expertise in diversified funding, management, planning, organizational development as well as communication. Additionally, she has experience managing human resources, development of successful partnerships, project support, and consolidation or reorganization of group companies. Ethel is actively involved in promoting the economic development of communities and cooperative development. To this end, for the past 3 years, she has been actively involved in a solidarity network that brings together women entrepreneurs involved in social enterprises from 8 countries.  As a practitioner and developer, she has developed and adapted some training/development tools to incorporate a gender perspective with great success. Finally, Ethel is a social entrepreneur, president of a social enterprise, and a founding member of the Ontario Social Economy Roundtable and Social Enterprise Canadian Council.